Sunday, May 17, 2009

At the Candlelight Ceremony in Memory of Those Who Perished…


By telling your stories – as difficult as it may have been – you’ve taken the first step in letting go of all your hoardings: your resentments… your plugged up tears… the images that haunt you. Let go. It is now the only freedom: let go and live your life free of baggage.

You are not battered by turbulent seas. There are no pirates far in the horizon. You are safe. Your feet are not soaked in a leaking boat. You are grounded on terra firma. Your daily hungers are satiated. You are surrounded by warmth, by family and friends.

You survived.

Those who perished were robbed of the prime of their lives. They are deep in the depths of the ocean floors. They are silent but not forgotten. They ask to live alongside and within you.

Each day of your life, your new life, you carry the dreams of someone who was claimed by the seas.

You now must be successful not only for yourself, but also for that one life that was snuffed out. You carry his/her dreams as well as yours. So, fulfill them. Your happiness and contentment is a mirror of what might have been for those who lost their chance to pursue their lives because of imprisonment, torture and death.

You carry with you a life that had a purpose, but is now gone. They may be silent but they never will be forgotten.

It is why you radiate a purpose, a vision. Your life now is intentional and fully aware for the sake of those who are forever gone.

Reme Grefalda

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