Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ms. Reme Grefalda, Program Chair, ADFS, LOC sharing her passion for the project "Journey to Freedom: A Boat People Retrospective"


Ms. Reme Grefalda, Program Chair, ADFS, LOC, sharing her passion for the project "Journey to Freedom" with the Vietnamese American Community on May 1st, during the Reception.

Ms. Grefalda presented the souvenir publication.

"Journey to Freedom", painting by Artist Nguyen Tan Son during the time he was a refugee at Camp Pendleton, a gift to Dr. Overton who was there helping the Vietnamese refugees and had kindly brought in canvas and medium supplies to the artist. Dr. Overton has gracefully allowed the project to use the image of this painting for cover of the "Journey to Freedom" publication.

What is the MAIN THRUST of this event and what is the Library's end goal?


a) the gravity of dislocation forced on a people radically transformed into refugees thus threatening the future citizenry of generations; and

b) the global response that resulted in future communities in the Diaspora.

This Retrospective MUST RESCUE for historical purposes the personal narratives (oral and written) and lesser known documentation of the times to assist scholars and researchers in understanding the threat to the security, continuity and cultural heritage of a people forcibly removed from their native bearings.

Reme Grefalda
Program Chair
Journey to Freedom: A Boat People Retrospective Symposium
Jefferson Building, Library of Congress - May 2nd, 2009
Speech by Reme Grefalda on May 1st, 2009

Genie Ngoc Giao Nguyen presented the Appreciation Plaque from the Vietnamese Americans to Ms. Grefalda.

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