Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A very special Fathers Day of the Amerasians at the Vietnam War Memorial Wall


It was the first time in 34 years that the Vietnamese Amerasians performed this special event to honor their heroic fathers and uncles who deceased during the Vietnam War. This special event was also to observe the unique origin and place of the Amerasian communities in the United States.

The Amerasians were the children, now adults, fathered by American personnel with Vietnamese nationals during the Vietnam War. Following the fall of the Republic of South Vietnam and the departure of American forces in 1975, the American people and its government did not forget those left behind, including its combat allies of South Vietnam, who became political prisoners under the Communists, and the children fathered by American personnel, who became known with contempt as “dirt, children of the enemies” by the oppressive Communist government. In 1987, the US Congress, spurred by the courageous leadership of Senator John McCain, joined by eight other Senators, passed with an overwhelming majority, historical legislation to provide for the resettlement of the Amerasians and their families in the United States.

Since the passage of the Amerasian Homecoming Act, over 25,000 Amerasians along with 75,000 family members have resettled throughout the United States. Once integrated into American society, the Amerasians began to realize the true nature of their fathers, not the lies about America and its forces they heard constantly as children victimized by Communist propaganda. Some Amerasians never knew their individual fathers, but through the resettlement program of the country whose flag their fathers fought under, the Amerasians came to know them as the heroes they were and will forever remain.

The Amerasians and their families paid tribute to the fathers they never knew in the flesh but will forever honor in spirit for the ideals of courage and sacrifice they exemplified through their service in Vietnam. Everyone has a father, and some knew theirs better than others, but everyone has the legacy their father bequeathed to them.

Though the turmoil and tragedy of war denied the Amerasians a family life with their fathers, the generosity and remembrance of the United States government brought them to the country of their fathers.


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