Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vietnamese Americans brought traditional Vietnamese Dance to students at Rolling Terrace Elementary School, Takoma Park, Maryland


A year ago, Dr. Le Duy Can from Canada visited his son Le Truong Son and his family in Takoma Park, Maryland. While attending the International Festival at this school, Dr. Can Le noticed the red flag of the Communist being displayed to represent the Vietnamese students going to this school. Dr. Can Le has taken the pro-active voice, explained to the Principal that only the Vietnamese Heritage Flag is honored by the Vietnamese Refugees in the United States. Prior to Dr. Can Le, a son of Mr. & Mrs. Dau Thanh Van, who was a 5th grade student then, also voiced his concern to the principal. The Principal had graciously showed her understanding and compassion by replacing the red Communist flag with the Yellow Vietnamese Heritage Flag. The Heritage Flag was provided by Mr.& Mrs. Tuy Le, from Virginia.

In appreciation of the Principal's understanding of Vietnamese heritage, Mrs. Cait James Le has organized a Traditional Vietnamese Dance Club with the collaboration of Professor Kim Oanh, Tieu Anh Dang, and Tran Chau Le, to teach 28 students of Rolling Terrace Elementary School Vietnamese Dances. The Club of 28 elementary students practiced diligently everyweek throughout 6 months.

The first performance was on June 9, 2009, and was a big hit. Parents and students at Elementary School was in for a wonderful and joyous treat. The show was televised by Mr. Dau Thanh Van from SBTN DC, was broad casted nationwide.

Many parents flocked to Mrs. Cait Le and immediately asked to sign their children up to join the Vietnamese Traditional Dance Club next school year. Our hats off to Cait.

We sincerely thanks Professor Kim Oanh, Tieu Anh Dang, and Tran Chau Le, for all your professional guidance, time, efforts, and dedication in bringing Vietnamese traditional dance to the Community.


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