Friday, July 10, 2009

Census and Re-districting


These are questions that would help to facilitate fair representation of all Americans. Please share your ideas so your voice can be heard and your valuable input can create impact for the next 10 yrs. Please reply by July 18, 2009.

What do community based organizations and advocates need to in order to participate effectively in the redistricting process at the state and local levels in 2011? What will be new this time around? What worked in the past? What barriers exist to creating fair redistricting plans?

QUESTION II: What resources will be available to facilitate and guarantee fair representation of minority voters in the redistricting process? What are advocacy and legal organizations planning to do to prepare for and participate in redistricting? What academic research on census and redistricting issues is being considered?

QUESTION III: What do academics need to be able to work with community based organizations? What training, including curriculum and pedagogy, would be most useful? What are the elements of a good working relationship between advocates and experts?

QUESTION IV: What is the best way for all stakeholders to work together to ensure fair minority representation in redistricting and generate ongoing capacity for sustained advocacy? What models have worked in the past? Can a clearinghouse providing website, outreach, and referral assistance among stakeholders facilitate effective participation?

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