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The Ninth International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting

Ninth International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting

Press Release

The Vietnamese Committee on Scouting of Santa Clara (VCS) in collaboration with the International Central Committee of Vietnamese Scouting (ICCVS) is organizing the IX International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting (TT9) in mid summer 2009. The event is hosted by the Santa Clara County Council, Boy Scouts of America (SCCC, BSA). Participants to the event are comprised of registered Scout units worldwide.
TT9 will run from July 10, 2009 through July 16, 2009. The Opening Ceremony will take place on Saturday afternoon, July 11, 2009 at San Lorenzo Park, King City, California.

The Opening Ceremony program includes:

3:00 pm – Check in/Registration
3:30 pm – Welcoming event
4:00 pm – Jamboree tour
5:00 pm – Reception Dinner
6:15 pm - Pre-opening Activities
6:30 pm - Opening Ceremony

Immediately following the Opening Ceremony is the traditional TT9 camp fire entertainment program entitled “Beat the Drum for Our Beloved Vietnam”. The program will begin with the Prelude of 4 drum rounds which will ignite the spirits of the Origin and Traditions of our Beloved Vietnam, the Building and Defense of our Homeland, Peace on Our Land, and Remembering Our Root. Through the cadence of the patriotic drum beats, the audience will witness the true characteristics of the Vietnamese culture. Performances will bring us back to pages of our glorious history through the heroic struggles, triumphs, and sacrifices of the Vietnamese people and the love and yearning of those in exile; it is our Scout leaders’ wishes to instill in our young generations the values and Vietnamese pride that our forefathers have built and nurtured.

The fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975, forced many people to leave Vietnam in search of freedom and democracy. Among this exodus of refugees were members of both the Vietnamese Boy and Girl Scouts Associations. The governmental change in Vietnam, from a free, democratic structure to Communist ruling also ceased the existence of the Vietnamese Scouting Movement. Nevertheless, the principles and values of Scouting have urged the leaders and Scouts in exile to reunite and revive Vietnamese Scouting in their new settlements worldwide. The very first Vietnamese Scouting unit was established in May, 1975, in the refugee camp in Guam to assist our Vietnamese refugees during the transit. Subsequently, additional Vietnamese Scouting units sprung off from refugee camps to resettlements. Realizing such unique growth of Vietnamese Scouting during this exodus, the World Organization of Scouting Movement advised eminent leaders of the Vietnamese Scouting Movement to organize the Costa Mesa Conference in July 1983 to brainstorm on the re-establishment of Vietnamese Scouting in exile. As a result of this Conference, ICCVS was formed to restore communications among Vietnamese scouts throughout the world, and to restructure a unified system to adhere to the aims and principles of world Scouting. Subsequently, the very first Vietnamese Scouting Jamboree named “Thang Tien” was organized in the summer 1985 in Jambville, France.

In 1988, the second Jamboree (Thang Tien II) was organized in Everton, Canada. Thereafter, a series of Thang Tien Jamborees took place every 3 years: in 1990, San Jose, CA; in 1993, Le Breuil, France; in 1995, Sydney, Australia; in 1998, at Lake Fairfax Park, Virginia, US; in 2002, Houston, Texas; and in 2006, Riverside, California, US.

This year, 2009, The IX International Jamboree of Vietnamese Scouting (TT9) will be held at San Lorenzo Park in King City, California with Mr. Kiet Anh Tran as the camp chief.

At TT9, our young Scouts will continue to develop their Scouting skills through participation in big games, sports and performing arts competitions, networking, and educational activities that also embrace the unique Scouting values and culture that were created and nurtured by Lord Baden Powell, the father of Scouting. Lord Powell established the very first Scouting troop in 1907 in London, England, and up until today it has recruited over 300 million Scouts. By the end of 2008, the World Organization of Scouting Movement comprises of 160 member nations and about 28 million registered Scouts in the world.

TT9 breaks records of participations this year with over 2,656 registrations so far. Our current records indicate that Vietnamese Scouting units registered with ICCVS have a combined total of 4,800 Scouts. Campers to TT9 are from Scouting units from countries as far as Australia, Germany, France, and Canada. In the United States, participants come from major cities such as San Jose, Westminster, Huntington Beach, Garden Grove, Irvine, Fountain Valley, San Diego - CA; Houston, Dallas - TX, Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA, Florida, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Minnesota, Seattle, North Carolina, New York, Arizona, and Michigan.

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