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July 17, 2009

Washington, DC—Today, U.S. Senators Jim Webb and Mark R. Warner announced that the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 contains $476.1 million for key military construction projects in Virginia.

Reported out by the Senate Committee on Appropriations July 13, the bill incorporates two projects the senators specifically requested —a $3.66 million project for the expansion of an electromagnetic research and engineering facility at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dalghren, VA., and an $8.9 million project to upgrade the marshalling area at Ft. Eustis, requests supported by the Navy and Army, respectively.

Committee passage clears the way for the bill to be considered by the full Senate later this year.

“The committee’s funding support for these military construction projects is an important step forward in our efforts to provide uniformed service members and civilian employees with the modern facilities they need to perform their critical missions,” said Senator Webb, who serves on the Senate Committees on Armed Services and Veterans Affairs.

“These projects will upgrade training capabilities and invest in important infrastructure improvements at military facilities across Virginia, which will better prepare our servicemen and women as they work and train to defend our nation,” said Senator Warner.

The senators also supported the following military construction projects in Virginia for which the Committee appropriated funds in line with the administration’s budget request:

Dalghren Naval Surface Warfare Center AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense Facility expansion: $24.5M
Dam Neck Special Operations Forces Operations Facility (Increment III): $15.967M
Fort A.P Hill Automated Infantry Platoon Battle Course: $4.9M
Fort A.P. Hill Field Training Area: $9M
Fort A.P. Hill Training Aids Center: $9.1M
Fort Belvoir Flight Control Tower: $8.4M
Fort Belvoir Road and Access Control Point: $9.5M
Fort Pickett Regional Training Institute (Phase II): $32M
Langley Air Force Base West & LaSalle Gates Force Protection/Access: $10M
Little Creek Special Operations Forces Activity Operations Facility: $18.669M
Little Creek Naval Construction Division Operations Facility: $13.095M
Norfolk E-2D Trainer Facility: $11.737M
Norfolk Facility Upgrades for E-2D Program: $6.402M
Oceana Naval Air Station C-40 Hangar: $30.4M
Pentagon Electrical Upgrade: $19.272M
Pentagon Secondary Uninterruptible Power Raven Rock: $8.4M
Portsmouth Ship Repair Pier Replacement: $126.969M
Quantico Student Quarters – The Basic School (Phase IV): $32.06M
Quantico Marine Security Guard Battalion Training Facility: $10.34M
Quantico Marine Corps Information Operations Center: $29.62M
Quantico Aircraft Trainer: $3.17M
Quantico Dining Facility – The Basic School: $14.78M
Quantico South Mainside Electrical Substation: $15.27M

The Committee’s press release provides a more comprehensive description of the bill’s provisions and is available at:


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