Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VVA Members at UNAVSA - 6 Conference in Atlanta - 2009


VVA Members at uNAVSA-6 Conference in Atlanta - 2009
uNAVSA — Union of North American Vietnamese Student Associations

uNAVSA-6 Conference

Hoan Dang, Founding Board Member of VVA, President of MVMA, was also a speaker in the UNAVSA 6 Program. Nam Phuong Thai is VVA liaison with the students, Long Nguyen - President of MAUVSA is VVA point person with MAUVSA (Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Association), Cindy Dinh is VVA Liaison at Rice and in Texas.

Below is a note from Cindy to our friends:

Good morning all,

UNAVSA was a great conference to meet other civic minded people! I know anh Hoan was presenting a workshop and was part of a panel [thanks for the shout-out to Voice of Vietnamese Americans and OCA!]

Today I fly out to San Francisco for the OCA convention. I will certainly bring back the spirit and ethusiasm that you have all shared with me to hopefully revamp some of the things in Houston. Thank you for welcoming me to the area and I know we'll run into each other again soon.



Cindy Dinh

Rice University Class of 2011
Sociology, Policy Studies, Global Health
Rice Thresher - Asst. News Editor
Vietnamese Student Association - External VP


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