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This is a public message by Voice of Vietnamese Americans, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Virginia. VVA is an advocacy organization working to promote civic participation among Vietnamese Americans in the Virginia, DC and Maryland metropolitan area. We work to promote voter turnout, encourage citizens to learn about the candidates, and educate citizens about the issues, which are equally important during election and non-election years.

This Tuesday, November 3, 2009 is Election Day for the State of Virginia. All registered Virginian voters are highly encouraged to go out and perform their civic duty by voting. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CAST YOUR VOTE AND MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!

The positions up for the November 3rd election are State Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and all 100 members in the Virginia House of Delegates. We will briefly compare the candidates for the three statewide elections and will finish with the candidates running for the 35th district (covering major parts of Vienna), which are Democrat Mark Keam and Republican Jim Hyland.

Virginia state governor is elected for a four-year term. Creigh Deeds is running as the Democrat candidate and Bob McDonnell is the Republican Candidate.

Creigh Deeds - D

Birthplace: Was born in Richmond, Virginia and grew up in Bath County, VA
Experience: Senator, Virginia State Senate, 2001-present
Kinh nghiệm Delegate, Virginia State House of Delegates, 1992-2001
Family: Wife, 3 daughters & 1 son

Religion: Protestant-Presbyterian

Bob McDonnell - R

Birthplace: Was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was raised in Northern Virginia
Experience: United States Army Reserves, 1981-1997
Kinh Nghiệm United States Army, 1976-1981
Attorney General, Commonwealth of Virginia, 2005-2009
Delegate, Virginia House of Delegates, 1991-2005.
Family: Wife, 3 daughters & 2 sons
Religion: Roman Catholic


Creigh Deeds

Transportation: - Bring high-speed rail to Virginia, reduce congestion (and commute times) in Nova
- All funding options are on the table except taking money from education and other obligations met by Virginia's general fund.
- Supports new gas tax to fund transportation projects

Economy: - Create Jobs through a Statewide Transportation Plan
- Tax credit for green jobs
- Tax credit for companies creating jobs
- Double Governor’s Opportunity Fund to attract companies to VA

Bob McDonnell

- Widen I-66, improve I-95, and finish Metro to Dulles, etc.
- Funding: $3 billion bond General Assembly authorized in 2007 is used in 2010
- Revenue: beer & liquor taxes, tolls on I-95 & I-85 from NC
Chuyên chở & vận tải:
- làm rộng I-66, cải thiện I-95, hoàn thành việc nối tiếp đường Metro đến Dulles, v.v
- Chi tiêu của dự kiến cải tiến lưu thông sẽ xin từ quỹ chấp thuận bởi General Assembly
- Gây quỹ: tăng thuế rượu, beer, thu thuế qua đường ở I-95 & I-85 khi từ NC lên VA

- Providing a $1,000 tax credit per job to businesses that create 50 new jobs, or 25 new jobs in economically distressed areas
- Appoint Lieutenant Governor Bolling to serve as “Virginia’s Chief Job Creation Officer”
- Designate one Deputy Secretary of Commerce to focus solely on rural economic development
- Create jobs through energy plan, off shore drilling for gas and oil
- Double Governor’s Opportunity Fund to attract companies to VA

Next is the position of Lieutenant Governor, acccording to the Constitution of Virginia, the Lieutenant Governor's official duties are to serve as President of the Senate and preside over the Senate.

Also, the Lieutenant Governor is first in the line of succession to Governor. Should the Governor be unable to serve due to death, disqualification or resignation, the Lieutenant Governor shall become Governor, just like the U.S. Vice President is second in line to the President.

The Lieutenant Governor is elected as the same time as the Governor, but in Virginia, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are elected separately, i.e., they do not run as a ticket.

The Democratic candidate is Jody Wagner and the Republican candidate is Bill Bolling, who is the incumbent currently under Governor Tim Kaine.

We will start with Jody Wagner:

Background:-has lived in Virginia for over 25 years, hometown is Virginia Beach
-experience in starting a family-owned business with her husband
-served as a member of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership and the Virginia Small Business Authority, former Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia, and former attorney
-active member of her children’s (she has four) school community and the public schools
-she currently lives in Virginia Beach


Wagner believes creating jobs is the biggest issue that Virginia is currently facing.
Creating jobs will be her priority as Lt. Gov.

Her background with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership will benefit her decision-making when it comes to helping businesses expand around the state
She has first-hand experience as a small business owner

Wagner also has a detailed plan to “green our economy” (reduce the use of harmful pollutants, cleaning up Virginia’s waterways, and develop “green” jobs)

Transportation:-she is from Hampton Roads, an area with heavy traffic, and is familiar with the stress that comes from traffic jams
-According to her website, “the time has come to turn years of talk into action.”
-wants to invest in new roads, and create a long-term strategy to fix this situation for all of Virginia
-focus more on public transit, more railroads, and better systems of funding to get needed funds to critical projects

Next, is republican candidate Bill Bolling

-He is the incumbent (current Lt. Gov) and has served for four years, so he is seeking “re-election”
-known for his “bipartisan accomplishments,” according to his website, given the many years he’s had to work closely with Gov. Tim Kaine (Democrat) and members of the General Assembly

Background:-born and raised in rural Virginia
-Hanover County Board of Supervisors, Chairman of the Greater Richmond Economic Development Partnership, served as Senator in the Senate of Virginia
-and while as Senator, he served as Chairman of the Joint Republican Caucus, and the Virginia Republican Senatorial Committee

Economy/Creating Jobs:
-Bolling currently serves as the Vice President of one the country’s largest independent insurance agencies, called Riggs, Counselman, and Downes he believes he has this real experience as a businessman that will enhance his decision-making to help Virginia’s economy and job market
-served as Chairman of the Metropolitan Economic Development Council and also the Greater Richmond Economic Development Partnership, brought thousands of jobs to central Virginia (around Richmond city)
-he has sponsored legislation to provide additional incentives to small businesses in 2007 to locate to critical regions/areas in Virginia
-tax cuts and tax credits for businesses that create jobs
-tax credit of $1000 per Green job for businesses that create “green energy” jobs in Virginia

Bolling has proposed a program called “End Gridlock, Create Jobs: Get Virginia Moving Again” that proposes a series of initiatives (or, ideas) aimed at increasing funding for constructing new roads and arteries of Virginia’s highways, maintenance, and mass transit, and to direct more resources to critical projects

Among some of the specific initiatives are:
-Issue $4 Billion in transportation bonds (or, funds) over the next four years
-require that 75% of future budget surpluses be dedicated to transportation.
-widen I-66
-complete the rail line to Dulles

Prepared by Vel Hernandez

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