Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project Vote Releases Memos Assessing Current Election Laws in 11 States


Dear Friends,

As we all know, the battle for voting rights is often won or lost on the state level. Election administration laws vary dramatically from state-to-state, and so, therefore, does the likelihood that any eligible American citizen is able to register, vote, and cast a ballot that counts. As state legislative sessions are getting underway across the country, Project Vote is pleased today to announce a new series of tools to help inform debate, empower advocacy, and promote best practices in state election laws.

Project Vote's Election Administration (EA) Program is releasing a series of memos that assess current state election laws in each of the following 11 states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Nevada,New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The memos identify opportunities for improving the fairness and overall quality of election processes in each of these states by comparing current laws to recommended best practices in six key areas: (1) Voter Registration; (2) List Maintenance; (3) Early Voting and Same-Day Registration; (4) Voter Intimidation and Suppression; (5) Public Agency Registration; and (6) Provisional Voting.

We hope you will not only find these memos useful in your own work, but that you will also pass them along to legislators, election officials, voting rights organizations, and anyone else with an interest in assessing and improving election administration procedures in these states. The full series of memos is available here on Project Vote's website,

On our website you will also find additional resources on all of these election administration issues, and of course Project Vote is available to provide additional details and technical assistance necessary to implement reforms. Please do not hesitate to contact Yolanda Sheffield, Director of the Election Administration Program, or Estelle Rogers, Director of Advocacy, for more information.


Michael Slater
Executive Director
Project Vote

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