Monday, February 15, 2010

LINKS to 2010 Census information, news, media kits, video, audio, and photos

LINKS to 2010 Census information, news, media kits, video, audio, and photos

(Media: a good place to start is:

Web sites:
2010 Census website home page (English):

2010 Census website home page (Spanish):

Charlotte region website: (with upcoming events calendar)

Resource materials:

Press briefing:

Information and links to brochures, fact sheets, articles, posters, archived newsletters, timeline:

Fact sheets, posters and key dates in various languages:

Road Tour information:

Questionnaire and FAQs in many languages:

See and interact with the questions on the form: explains why these 10 questions are used.

Toolkits for reaching targeted communities:

Paid media- explanation and buy list:

Electronic Press Kits
Listed at:

Press briefing:

Road tour:

Advertising campaign:

PSA text:
Text for use in PSAs is embedded within toolkits:

Downloads, PSAs and b-roll:

Multi-media resource: video, audio, photos

15 and 30-sec video PSAs (Eng and Spanish):

PSA elements:

Completing the questionnaire b-roll:

Road tour b-roll:

Informational briefings: “A new portrait of America” downloadable videos-

Music for use in PSAs:

Video of real-life stories:



Usage policies and procedures:

2010 Census countdown widget

A new 2010 Census Countdown Widget is available on the 2010 Census Web site and you can now encourage partners to incorporate this widget on their Web sites. You will find this link at: to the bottom to locate the Countdown Widget. You can also go to, click on the "Take Part" icon at the top of the page and find the widget at the bottom of the page.

2010 Census TV Ads (5):

• A Snapshot of America (Christopher Guest)
• A Musical Take on Mailing It Back (Forward)
• 10 Questions, 10 Minutes, 10 Years (Next 10 Years)
• Believe: A Census Benefit Message
• Local Benefits of the Census (Schools)

2010 Census TV Ad: (more available soon)
A Musical Take on Mailing It Back (Forward)


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