Tuesday, March 23, 2010


VVA is reminding all Vietnamese American households to send back their Census forms. Here's how you can help....

Phone banking opportunity: Voice of Vietnamese Americans (VVA) is kicking-off a phone-banking campaign to raise awareness about the Census 2010. Our goal is to contact at least 1000 Vietnamese households in Virginia to remind them to send back their forms! Our training and kick-off event will take place this Thursday, March 25, 2010 at 7pm 6066 Leesburg Pike Suite 100, Falls Church, Va. 22041 Pizza and drinks will be served!

At the training event, you will learn how to navigate the online database system, how to read the script, and other info. Calls can start from anywhere you have internet and a phone. Calls can start as soon as March 27. We will need your email address to make an account. **Volunteers will be paid $10/hour of doing calls and our online network will keep track of the time spent.** Contact email: veleh1025@gmail.com

Please click below to view the flyer:

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