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Charter boat captains from South Plaquemines Parish came together Thursday night to form an organization as the oil spill crisis threatened to close them down.

At stake is millions of tourist dollars, which would have been spent in Louisiana, but now will go to other recreational areas in other states.

The recreational anglers that book their fishing trips with our captains bring to Louisiana money that in the past went to other fishing destination located throughout the country. This is money that the economy of Louisiana cannot afford to lose.

As the meeting was being called reports were coming in of new areas being closed. Ever so slowly it seems that the charter captains and commercial fisherman will have to seek some other form of employment to meet their financial obligations and the ability to support their families.

Misinformation is also playing a major role in the lack of bookings for the captains. A prime example was when a reporter from New York witnessed Capt. Chris Wilson cleaning a beautiful catch Pompano, Redfish, Black Drum, and Speckled Trout, which his clients just caught in an open fishing area. The reporter asked “how can you be catching these fish when everything is closed to fishing and the area is covered with oil?” This is what captains are afraid of. It seems much of the nation thinks there are no more areas to fish and the oil has covered everything.

As we watch national press we also see that the oil spill reports are moving from the front page or the lead story back to the second or third story or even further.

We are doing everything we can to keep everyone informed of our plight, but we ask the media to work with us after this crisis is over so we can get our commercial and recreational fishing industry back on its feet.

The Venice Charter Boat and Fishing Guide Assn. LLC elected Mike Frenette as their president.

Mike, a captain with 29 years experience, will be heading up the effort along with BP to put out of work captains back to work working with BP Vessel of Opportunity Program.

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Venice Marina Outdoor Consultants

On behalf of Southern Louisiana Fishermen


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