Monday, August 23, 2010

Justice for Vanessa Pham!

Voice of Vietnamese Americans extends our deepest sympathy to Vanessa Pham’s family and friends. Nearly two months have passed since the brutal murder of this beautiful young woman, yet no suspects have been identified. The lack of any advances in this case has produced much concern and frustration throughout our community. Vanessa’s family deserves answers, and the unknown killer poses a threat to the safety of our community (see news article below).

We hold a profound sense of hope that justice will soon be served and peace can soon be restored in our community. VVA is committed to driving greater attention to the disturbing lack of advances in this case. VVA will continue spread information about the case and will mobilize support throughout the Vietnamese American community. We cannot allow this case go unsolved.

Police: Vanessa Pham's Unknown Killer a 'Threat' to Public Safety (Falls Church News-Press, July 28, 2010)

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