Friday, August 20, 2010

VIRGINIANS WANT HEALTH CARE REFORM - McDonnell puts big insurance back in the driver's seat


Dear Virginians,

It seems like Governor Bob McDonnell finds a way to show how out of touch he is with regular Virginians on a weekly basis! This week Governor McDonald announced his 24-person Virginia Health Reform Initiative Advisory Council, whose task it is to figure out ways to implement the new national health care law in Virginia. This panel will be advising on Medicaid reform, insurance reform, delivery and payment reform, capacity, technology, and will have considerable influence on the future of Virginia’s health care system.

The problem is that there is not one health care consumer or consumer advocate on this panel! In fact, it is mostly made up of big business leaders, hospital CEOs and of course the CEO of Anthem, C. Burke King. As you may know, I found out just how much C. Burke King wants to hear from health care consumers when I was arrested in front of Anthem last year for trying to ask about our health insurance rates! I don’t have any confidence that he or any of Governor McDonnell’s big business appointees will look out for consumers like you and me.

For the last two years we fought—and won—the right to reign in the insurance companies. Now, Governor McDonnell is putting them right back in the driver seat without a single consumer to hold them accountable.

I find it offensive that our Governor thinks so little of Virginia health care consumers and the uninsured that he would allow corporations to speak on their behalf. So we are encouraging folks to write letters to the editor about it. Would you take 10 minutes to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper? Here is a list a list of contacts for newspapers across the state. Please email our Communications Director, Julie Blust, at if you need any talking points or tips on writing a letter to the editor.

Thanks for everything you have done to continue the fight for health care for all Virginians. And thank you for supporting the idea that real people should have a say in their government.

Take care,

Joe Szakos

Executive Director
Virginia Organizing Project
(434) 984-4655 x222


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