Saturday, September 11, 2010

Why Chinese communists fear America


By Gong Cheng /Renmingbao

Liu Yazhou,a deputy political commissar of the Chinese Communist Air Force (screenshot)

Liu Yazhou,a deputy political commissar of the Chinese Communist Air Force in an internal speech a few years ago, expressed his fear of the United States. He said that he most feared America's "spiritual and moral strength"!

The opening question of his speech was "What is the real fear of the United States?" He stated that "even though the United States has the world's most powerful army and the most advanced science and technology, I think that is not the most scary at all. It is said that its stealth aircraft are free to come and go in China, but even from that we have nothing to fear. The fearful things are not these. "

9.11 terrorist attacked the World Trade Center twin towers in New York.(screenshot)

In that case what is the fear of the United States? The Chinese Communist Air Force lieutenant general said: "I feel there are three points."

The aspirational system of the United States

The Chinese Communist Air Force lieutenant general said: "The cadre system and its mechanism to ensure that decision-makers are an elite group. The tragedy of China, from national affairs to local, is that in the majority of cases the people with ideas are not the decision-makers, the decision-makers do not have ideas. People with brains do not have a seat, People with a seat do not have a brain. The United States is just the opposite, with its valuable system that allows people to aspire to greater heights."

Therefore, in the U.S. - first, he did not make mistakes, second, he makes fewer mistakes, third, he made a mistake but he can quickly correct his mistakes. We make mistakes, this is the first. Second, often make mistakes. Third, it is very difficult for us to correct the mistake that we made."

The tolerance and magnanimity of the United States

Liu said: "The Americans can wear the flag on their clothes. I have brought a stars and stripes pair of trousers in the United States. I usually wear it. I wore it because I despised it and to release my anger, it is a psychologically dispersed satisfaction. Americans wear it for fun. It is essentially different. Americans can burn their national flag in the streets. Dai Xu (author’s friend, "the Air Force military academic" editor) said: if a country can burn their own flag, what other reason do you have to burn it? "
Great spiritual and moral strength

Liu continued: "This is the most horrible. 9.11 was a disaster. When disaster strikes, the first casualty is the body, but the soul continues to stand up. For some nations when disaster strikes, the soul has already disarmed before the body falls.

Three things occurred in the 9.11 incident, from which we can see the power of Americans. The first thing is after the top of the World Trade Center was crashed by the plane, raging flames were surging and the situation was critical. When people escaped through the exit to go downstairs, they did not particularly panic. People went downwards and the firemen rushed upwards. Each gave way to other with no conflict.

When there were women, children and the blind, they were automatically let go first. They even let a pet dog go first. If the spirit of a nation is not valiant to a certain extent, certainly they are not able to act in this way. In the face of death and being as calm as this, I am afraid that even though they are not saints they should be very close to saints.

The second thing, on the day after 9.11, the world already knew that this is the act of Arab terrorists. Many Arab shops and restaurants were attacked by angry Americans. A number of Arab businessmen were also attacked.

At that moment a considerable number of Americans spontaneously organizes themselves to protect the Arab shops and restaurants. They patrolled Arab residential areas to prevent further tragedy. What sort of spirit is this!?"

"The third thing is that the 767 plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, was supposed to be crashed into the White House.

The passengers fought with the terrorists before the aircraft crashed. At that time, they already knew that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon had been hit, and they decided that they could not do nothing.

They carried out a life-and-death struggle against the terrorists. Even in such a situation, they still did one thing: they decided to vote whether or not to fight the terrorists.

In such a matter of life and death, the Americans do not impose their will on others."

"What is democracy, this is democracy. The idea of democracy has gone deep into their lives, their blood, and bone marrow. Such a nation, if he did not prosper, then who will prosper; such a nation, if it did not rule the world, who can rule the world. "

Liu concluded "I often have a fantasy: the world's most sophisticated weapons, the latest science and technology, the most powerful armed forces, are in the hands of these people (Americans), nevertheless it is very appropriate."

If "it was in our (CCP) hands, what would we do"?


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