Thursday, October 28, 2010

An On-Air Book Review and Discussion of Bill Hayton's "Vietnam: Rising Dragon" with the authors of "Awakening the Dorming Dragons"


Greetings from Virginia, USA,

This is Genie Ngoc Giao Nguyen, Voice of Vietnamese Americans [VVA]

I appreciate the opportunity to introduce Mr. Bill Hayton, BBC Journalist, author of "Vietnam: Rising Dragon", 2010, to the authors of "Awakening the Dorming Dragon", 2003 - Dr. Viet Vu (Economist, Consultant for UN in Myanmar), Dr. Quan Dinh (Voice of Vietnamese Americans, Economist, Adviser to the Economic Minister of Afghanistan).

Những gì đang thật sự diễn ra tại Việt Nam?

Những rào cản của nền kinh tế Việt Nam

Những chiêu thức quản lý của chính phủ Việt Nam

I especially am grateful to Mr. Khanh Nguyen, Director, RFA Vietnamese section, and Ms. Khanh An, RFA reporter, who have gracefully agreed to help Voice of Vietnamese Americans in hosting the Conference on RFA.

The first person I have to thank is Dr. Hung M Nguyen, Adviser of Voice of Vietnamese Americans, Assistant Professor at GMU, Director of the Indochina Program, who connected VVA with Bill Hayton.

Dr. Quan Dinh, Adviser of Voice of Vietnamese Americans, who also is one among the authors of "Awakening the Doming Dragon" has kindly agreed to represent VVA in hosting the discussion with the moderating of Ms. Khanh An, RFA reporter.

Please feel very free to establish your objectives to achieve with this forum. Voice of Vietnamese Americans would like to serve as a medium where accurate assessments of the transitional phrases of Vietnam can be articulated, challenges can be identified, and a clear road map to sustainable growth of economy and democracy can be presented to the public at large.

I thank you all for the opportunity,


Genie Nguyen
Voice of Vietnamese Americans
M. 703-593-7182


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