Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lunar New Year Letter to President Obama from Voice of Vietnamese Americans


The Honorable Barack Obama,
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

February 3, 2011

Dear Mr. President,

This first day of the 4890th Vietnamese Lunar Year of the Progressive Cat, Voice of Vietnamese Americans respectfully wishes you and your family a year of good health, prosperity, and successes.

Vietnamese Americans are deeply grateful to your leadership globally, and especially in the Southeast Asian Sea, bringing about regional security, stability, with hope for a more prosperous future in partnership with the United States and not being bullied by China.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans applauds and encourages the strategic partnership commitment between Vietnam and the United States. We congratulate the recent pledge between Vietnam and the US to step up cooperation in order to elevate bilateral relations to strategic partnership in the near future. This relationship will no doubt deepen the special bond between Vietnamese and Americans, to bring about prosperity and enriched cultural exchanges between the two nations.

However, a recent article by Joshua Keating published on Foreign Policy, dated January 31st, 2011, pointed out that “The Communist Party of Vietnam is one of America’s Most Embarrassing Allies”, other than dictator Mubarak of Egypt. In view of the unprecedented demonstration of nearly two million Egyptians that recently turned tragically violent, Voice of Vietnamese Americans feels that the above observation about the Vietnamese Communist Party should be of particular concerns to the United States Foreign Policy Leaders. Supporting this condemnable government is against the American tax payers wishes.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans greatly appreciates your firm stance on human rights issues and an open government. We strongly urge that a strictly regulated rule of laws with serious consequential penalties be applied with zero tolerance to any and all human rights violations of the Vietnamese Communist Party. Similarly, a close oversight commission should be established to promote transparency and safeguard our taxpayers’ money. Vietnamese people welcome strategic partnership with the US wholeheartedly. Voice of Vietnamese Americans is very grateful and eager to support this approach.

While the US State Department has strategically taken great precautions not to put Vietnam back to the "Country of Particular Concern" [CPC] List as suggested by Congress, a partnership with Vietnamese Communist Party would not be favorable with the vision of what is happening today in Cairo.

We trust that Mr. President has an unequivocal position to strike the balance between our strategic interests and Americans’ core values.

A statement clearly states the stance of the White House against all human rights violations in Vietnam, requesting immediate release of all prisoners of conscience, and outlining the principles of the US - VN partnership would be of great assurance to the American people and Vietnamese people alike.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans respectfully suggests such significant statement be released soon by Mr. President and be closely observed by the White House as it will be observed by the people from both nations.

We sincerely hope that the request will be discussed with the Prime Minister of Vietnam, and actions such as releasing of prisoners from Con Dau, Lawyer Cu Huy Ha Vu, etc..., be taken immediately to show their earnest commitment to the partnership.

This assurance would help to channel the high energy levels of the majority of Vietnamese Americans who are still skeptical about partnering with the Vietnamese Communist Party into more positive support to the US – Vietnam partnership. Vietnamese Americans would feel more compelling to help the poor Vietnamese people, knowing that the President of the United States will ensure that our investment directly impacts the under-represented and not to be embezzled by the Communist officers.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans appreciates your deep concerns for social justice, civil rights, and human rights. We do have high hope that as the US – Vietnam strategic partnership is developing, the universal rights of the Vietnamese people would be more protected and safeguarded.

As Vietnamese Americans, working to bring American values to Vietnam while supporting its sustainable economic development in alignment with the United States Policies would be our goals.

We thank you for your consideration,

Respectfully Yours,

Genie Nguyen
Chair, Voice of Vietnamese Americans


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