Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Community Advocacy and Resource Day August 6 - Chairman Sharon Bulova

Community Advocacy and Resource Day
August 6
Chairman Sharon Bulova

Asian/Pacific Islander population:
• Grew from 10% in 2000 to 17.5% in 2010
• More than 3 times the percentage in all Virginia
• Largest Population in Sully District
o 29,372 or 23.6 percent of the Asian population
• Second Largest in Providence
o 28,160 or 23.1 percent of the Asian population
• Growth in particular groups:
o Vietnamese grew in number, shrank in percentage
 24,392 (18.3%) to 31,072 (15.2%)
o Indians overtook Koreans in 2010 Census, but both groups grew
o Indians – grew from 28,209 (20.4%) to 47,544 (23.2%), a growth of 19,335
o Koreans – grew from 29,662 (22.2%) to 44,591 (21.8%), a growth of 14,929

Asian-Owned Businesses
• 3,923 firms with paid employees
• $4.6 billion in sales and receipts
• 30,688 employees
• $1.5 billion annual payroll
• Primarily in retail (salons and restaurants)
• Seeing growth in law offices, particularly Korean-owned
• For Indian-Americans, science and technology service firms are predominant
• Businesses are located mostly in Asian neighborhoods – working where they live

Large number of Asian-owned businesses taking advantage of 8a program at the Small Business Administration
• Indian-owned businesses account for 24% of the 8a participation in Virginia
• 8a program encourages growth through the use of government contracts
o Once a business is healthy they are encouraged to expand into the private sector to diversify

What resources are available in the County for minority-owned businesses?
• From start up to mature company, there is a resource available
• Start-up workshops provided at the local, state and federal level
• Mature companies – counselors, procurement technical assistance
• Matchmaking services
• Fairfax County Economic Development Authority can facilitate these

Join a Chamber
• In addition to ethnic Chambers of Commerce, there are 15 Chambers in Fairfax County
• Joining your local Chamber would give you access to a wider client base

Fairfax County leads Virginia in the number of companies owned by all minorities and women.
All data is from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2007 Survey of Business Owners and the 2000 and 2010 general census.

• Plan approved by Department of Justice – boundaries set for elections
• Look for a new voter identification card from the Commonwealth which will let you know if your precinct has changed
• The new card will have the number to call if you have any questions
• Log on to the Fairfax County website’s “My Neighborhood” tool to check your precinct
• There are copies of the new district maps available


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