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Community Platform - Asian American Advocacy and Resource Day August 6, 2011


Takahiro Nakamura, Master in Social Work, presented the Community Platform for Asian Americans in Virginia on Asian American Advocacy and Resource Day, August 6, at the Fairfax County Government Center.

Community Platform
Asian American Advocacy and Resource Day
August 6, 2011

I. The followings are to be addressed as core issues:

1. Affordable Health Care
2. Accessible Capital for Small Businesses
3. Equitable opportunities for Higher Education and Employments
4. Protection for home ownerships.
5. Public Safety
6. Citizenship and Civic Engagement.

II. Also, each of the following issues is addressed by the participating and sponsoring organizations. Please make sure to visit the organizations listed below and find out more about their advocacy efforts!!

(Virginia Asian Chamber of Commerce; Asian American Chamber of Commerce; Asian Real Estate Association of America; Asian American Homeownership Counseling; Skillsource)
• Supporting Asian American owned businesses in the region.
o Legislative advocacy promoting Asian American owned businesses.
 VA Asian Chamber of Commerce is holding legislative forums.
o More access for government contracts.
• Supporting homeownership by AAPI residents of the region.
o Educating and promoting government programs among the population.
 Federal Emergency Home Loan Program (EHLP) in Virigina
 Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (EMA) in Maryland
o Educating the community with issues and financial literacy.
o Promoting positive housing policy reform.
• Job training and promoting self-sufficiency.

(Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund; Fairfax County Public Schools)
• Increasing the access to higher education for AAPI population.
• Helping AAPI students to grow professionally and network.

Civil Rights/Civic Engagement:

(Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans of Virginia; Chinese American Citizen Alliance; Voice of Vietnamese Americans)
• Protection of equal rights and opportunities and elimination of stereotype and profiling.
• Appointments of Asian Americans into executive and judicial positions.
o More time for existing Asian American elected officials to visit local communities to partner and inspire.
• More participation from governments in educating local communities.
o Linguistically sensitive information from governments.
• Equitable immigration laws
• Promoting the awareness of the history of the immigrant population (CACA)
o H.Res 282 and S.Res 201 asking the Congress to address the Chinese Exclusion Laws.
• International influence (VVA)
o SR 227: Protection of the Lower Mekong River Basin
o HR 352: Calling for a diplomatic approach and peaceful solution to resolve disputes in the Southeast Asia Sea
o Ratification of the UNCLOS (United Nation Convention on the Law of the Sea), so Asian Americans can contribute positively to a peaceful solution in the Southeast Asia Sea, based on international laws.

Health Care:
(National Council of Asian Pacific Islander Physicians)
• Promoting the wellbeing of AAPI communities.
o Getting involved in the health care reform.
o Building communication system among AAPI medical professionals.

Ethnicity Specific Advocacy:
(Korean Community; Thai Community; Filipino Community; BPSOS - Vietnamese American Community Organization; National Congress of Vietnamese Americans; Mid-Atlantic Union of Vietnamese Student Association)

Other Sponsoring Organization:

(Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Virginia)


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