Monday, November 28, 2011

Sen. Mark Warner Expresses Greetings for Asian American Appreciation Day

In anticipation of VVA's Asian American Appreciation Day on December 3, U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, a longtime supporter of Virginia's Vietnamese American and AAPI communities, has expressed support and war
m greetings to all attendees and participants at next month's event.

Once again, we deeply thank Sen. Warner for the tremendous support he has shown in serving and helping our growing Asian American community.

United States Senator
Washington, D.C.

December 3, 2011

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to extend warm greetings to all who are gathered for the Voice of Vietnamese Americans' Virginia "Appreciation Day".

This event is an occasion to honor the strength of the mission that characterizes your organization as well as the various other civic organizations which are part of today's efforts. The programs and services you offer provide important resources to make a positive impact on families and workers in Virginia. You continually provide information regarding jobs, health care and transportation issues as well as promote small businesses. I commend all those who work with your organization to help strengthen the community and improve the lives of others.

On this important occasion, I am very pleased to join with your families, friends and community in wishing the Vietnamese American community the very best for a successful meeting.


s/Mark. R. Warner

United States Senator

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