Thursday, December 22, 2011

President Obama on Social Security Tax Cut Extension


H.R.3630 - Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011

A bill to extend the payroll tax holiday, unemployment compensation, Medicare physician payment, provide for the consideration of the Keystone XL pipeline, and for other purposes.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans supports Social Security Payroll Tax Cut Extension. This will affect 160 million average income Americans, 2 million unemployed Americans, and 48 million seniors dependent on Medicare.

VVA advocates for a bi-partisan approach putting the American People first.

Consequences of the GOP's voting down the bipartisan HR3630: 160 million Americans will suffer tax increased by Jan 2012, 2 million unemployed Americans may not have food on the table, 48 million seniors relying on medicare may not receive adequate health care support. Worse, the world will lose confidence in the competency of the US Congress.



Office of the Press Secretary
December 22, 2011

Statement by the President

For the past several weeks, I’ve stated consistently that it was critical that Congress not go home without preventing a tax increase on 160 million working Americans. Today, I congratulate members of Congress for ending the partisan stalemate by reaching an agreement that meets that test.

Because of this agreement, every working American will keep his or her tax cut – about $1,000 for the average family. That’s about $40 in every paycheck. Vital unemployment insurance will continue for millions of Americans who are looking for work. And when Congress returns, I urge them to keep working to reach an agreement that will extend this tax cut and unemployment insurance for all of 2012 without drama or delay.

This is good news, just in time for the holidays. This is the right thing to do to strengthen our families, grow our economy, and create new jobs. This is real money that will make a real difference in people’s lives. And I want to thank every American who raised your voice to remind folks in this town what this debate was all about. It was about you. And today, your voices made all the difference.



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