Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Voice of Vietnamese Americans

On this Thanksgiving Day, Voice of Vietnamese Americans thanks our bountiful nature, our Indian Americans, our American Founding Fathers, for establishing the core values of democracy and a level playing field in this land of the brave, so that all who seek refuge from oppression can come, re-settle, prosper, and contribute back to the society to sustain our humanity.

This special Thanksgiving 2012, Voice of Vietnamese Americans thanks President Obama for his special trip to Asia, reaching out to billions of un-reached human beings, to share the American values of democracy, human rights, civil rights, and a hope for a brighter future on a global level playing field.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans thanks all who have dedicated their hearts and souls to feed the hunger, treat the sick, help the poor, save the victims of crime, stop the wars, and voice the voice of human rights, civil rights, liberty and justice for all.

May God bless America!
May God bless Asia!
May God bless Vietnam!



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