Thursday, January 31, 2013

Voice of Vietnamese Americans Thanks Secretary Clinton for Her Extraordinary Leadership

Voice of Vietnamese Americans sincerely thanks Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton for her extraordinary leadership during the last four years as Secretary of State. Secretary Clinton has affirmed the American values and the United States' global leadership during the most challenging time of our nation. Her leadership in "Smart Power" has illuminated the United States supremacy in the ability to rally international  community behind just causes for all people on earth. She has laid a strong foundation for global partnership, reducing conflicts, promoting peace and prosperity. Vietnamese Americans are grateful to Secretary Clinton for her unwavering commitment to maintain peace and security in the East Sea of Vietnam (South China Sea). The Lower Mekong initiative has given hope for Vietnamese peasants living in the lower Mekong basin.

Secretary Clinton has transformed the world with her compassion, her dedication, her wisdom, and her vision. One of her most extraordinary legacy is the true freedom she empowered women around the world. This true freedom has unleashed half of the world population who are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, nieces, care takers of our society. The world has received more love, more care during the last four years.

Many Americans as well as many citizens of the world have explicitly wished that Secretary Clinton would blaze the next trail for American women in 2016 as the first Lady President of the United States.

Voice of Vietnamese Americans wishes her all the best, with health, love, and peace.

May her contagious laugh spread joy around the world!


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